Welcome to your new home in Bryanston.  Bryanston parish was part of Lord Portman’s Estate until it was handed over to The Crown in lieu of Death Duties in the Mid 1900’s. It has an area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) and has an Site of Special Scientific Interest. (SSSI).


BryanstonTimes has put together this information which we hope you will find useful.

Bryanston Parish may be larger than you think.  As well as the road that runs through the village it also includes the properties at the bottom and top of New Road.  There are many outlying properties hidden away. All the land surrounding the village is private property.

Bryanston School own the strip of woods that run behind The Cliff and down that side of the hill.  All of the school’s land is private. The school drive is unlit and you you risk injury walking along it in the dark.

There are two footpaths in the school grounds so if you are walking on a path that doesn’t have a Dorset County Council footpath or bridle path sign then you are either on the School’s property or on property that now belongs to Viscount Rothermere (Jonathan Harmsworth) who purchased all the Bryanston Estate from the Crown Estate in June 2015.

As residents of Bryanston we are not entitled to be on Property owned by the School or land belonging to Viscount Rothmere.

If you find yourself approached by Bryanston security staff while on School property please be courteous at all times. They have a job to do.


Recycling and rubbish collections

Your rubbish will be collected each week on Thursday if you live in the main ribbon development through the village. The landfill-black-bins and the recycling materials are collected on alternate weeks.

You should have a green and a black bin, a food recycling bin and a glass recycling crate.  If you don’t have these you will need to contact Dorset Waste Partnership on   01305 221040 or dorset-aptc.gov.uk/recycling-rubbish-collection/northeast-dorset to email a request replacements.

Police station

The police station is in Blandford is manned on a part-time basis.

Which number 999 or 101? help

Salisbury Road, Blandford, DT11 7HR
Telephone : 101

Opening Hours :
Wednesday & Saturday 10am–4pm Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday & Sunday - Closed

Next nearest open outside these hours:
Bournemouth (101)





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Bryanston Club.

Bryanston Club offers, bar, social, snooker and pool  facilities. The Community Room is available to hire.  New members are always welcome. 01258 454423.

Durweston Village Hall

This is a relatively new building. There are lots of activity groups who use this facility. It is on the Moviola Film circuit and the hall show movies almost every month. We do feature the hall on this site more on this.

Places of Worship

Bryanston does not have it own parish church, but is part of Durweston’s Parish

The Church of St Nicholas.

ww.durweston.org.uk/CHURCH.htm  The Rector is The Reverend Stephen Coulter contact steven-coulter@tiscali.co.uk  01258 480580. You will receive regular copies of the Durweston Parish Magazine.

Residents are welcome to attend the school services held at the Church of St Martin’s Bryanston’. Contact the School’s Chaplain Rev’d Andrew Haviland for information. 01258 452401.







The purpose of this website is to provide community information for residents of Durweston, Bryanston, Stourpaine, Blandford St Mary and Winterborne Stickland.

If you have any items you’d like posted on this website then please contact the editor. You can advertise items for sale, publish events, promote your business all for free. Phone 01258 488820 or email editor@bryanstonTimes.co.uk

Notice Boards.

 There are three notice boards in the village which belong to the parish council and are for displaying parish council information. The larger notice board situated by the telephone box has capacity for some public notices too. Please ask the Chair before inserting any notice.





Bryanston News 






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Parish Council

Bryanston Parish Council does not currently own any land in the parish, so there are no allotments or play areas.  The Parish Council is responsible for:





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As well as these statutory duties the council also:

Meetings and Agenda and Minutes

The Council meets 6 times a year at Bryanston Club. Agenda and Minutes are posted on the notices boards around the parish., but they can also be found on Dorset’s local authority website www.dorsetforyou.com





When should I use 101?

You should call 101 to report crime and other concerns that do not require an emergency response.
For example, if:

You should always call 999 when it is an emergency, such as when a crime is in progress, someone suspected of a crime is nearby, when there is danger to life or when violence is being used or threatened

If it is non-urgent you can always contact Crimestoppers where your anonymity is guaranteed.  Their number is 0800 555 111 or www.crimestoppers-uk.org





Blandford SNT

The Blandford Safer Neighbourhood Team are:
PS 2151 James Dimmack , PCSO 6595 Graeme Archibald, PCSO 6487 Matt Boon, PCSO 5318 Jamie Burt, PC 0740 Rob Hammond,  PCSC 6783  Emma Procter.

If you would like to join Bryanston Neighbourhood Watch you can either log on to www.ourwatch.org.uk and search for Bryanston or contact Christine Stone on 01258 488820.