Welcome from the Editorial team.
Your ideas and comments regarding the content of this site are important to us.

BryanstonTimes was started just over four years ago. The original purpose was to provide a location for villagers living in Bryanston, Durweston, Blandford St Mary and Winterborne Stickland to find information about what goes on in the villages they live in.

Some of the original concepts were thought to be quite innovative at the time but were not taken up by the residents. Car sharing, posting holiday work opportunities for students, a digital public noticeboard and a " your letters section" etc were not recognised as "needed".

Very little goes on in Bryanston and keeping this site up-to-date and fresh was challenging. This has forced the editors to change it once again with a completely new style of design in the hope that you might take the time to tell the editors what you would like to see on the site.


You can telephone me on 01258 488820 or email me : editor@bryanstonTimes.co.uk


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