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Conceal your pin number when shopping.

Reports of distraction thefts are coming thick and fast.
Thieves generally work in pairs. One stands close to you when you pay for your shopping and watches you enter your pin number. An accomplice then distracts you when you leave the store stealing your purse or wallet.
You would protect your pin when you use a cash-point and you must do the same whenever you enter your pin. Be aware of who is near you. Ask them to move away if they are too close. This will raise awareness of other shoppers around you. Be observant at all times particularly when you put the shopping in your car or return the trolley.

Please checkout the news-link on the adjacent page " Distraction Theft" for more information on this MO.

This is not the official Safer Neighbourhood Team page.

It is where you can find past and current advise notices covering the immediate area for Bryanston and Weston Area.

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