Village Dance Club

If you have always wanted to learn to dance then this is the site for you. The Village Dance Club provides friendly tuition to enthusiastic would-be-dancers of any ability and age. If you love great dance music then don't just listen to it to it. You will make new friends, keep fit and have a great time. It costs less than you think to learn to dance.


The class runs for eight to ten weeks - depending on hall availability - with an end of term dance. You can try the first class without obligation to see how you get on with the dancing and our style of teaching.

At the end of each session you can stay and practice or simply watch and socialise

A real commitment...

Learning to dance does require a commitment. It is a skill and like all skills it requires time and practice. Dance steps are not difficult to learn, you will be surprised just how much you will learn in a very short time. We can teach you a lot in 1.5 hours. How much you practice will dictate how well you progress and how fast you pick up this skill. We have lots of patience and we have a great track record in teaching anyone to dance. If you really want to learn then we can teach you.

Practice makes perfect

We propose to teach you the basics in 6 dances. The basic movement and figures will enable you to get around any floor with your partner as well as dance with anyone else who has learnt to dance properly at a school or a club.


New beginners class coming soon.

For further details of the next beginners class please register your interest.

What do I need to dance?

Dance shoes are expensive and beginners are often reluctant to purchase these. Some general purpose shoes can be suitable for dancing but will never replace good dance shoes. Once you have tried proper dance shoes - you will never settle for anything less.

For Men: Clothing and shoes

For the Ladies: General clothing and shoes