Beginner dance course

This course is suitable for absolute beginners with no experience of ballroom and Latin dance.

Unfortunately we need continuity to teach couples to dance. You cannot attend the class as-and-when you feel like it. It would hamper progress of all other couples. But remember you can try the first class with no obligation. The 1.5 hour class costs £5.00 per person and includes refreshments and the practice session afterwards.

Practice sessions

Please stay for the practice sessions to consolidate the steps you learn. More experienced dances often use this to practice a routine or to swap steps learnt from other sources like YouTube etc. YouTube is a great source of information, and once you have a good understanding how to execute a particular dance can be useful.


The next beginners class is due to start early 2016. If you are considering a beginners class please register interest so we can determine if it is viable and notify you. The more people that register the more likely we will be able to provide a class.

We reserve the right to cancel the class if there is insufficient demand.


What you can expect

We have a relaxed style of teaching and we will explain how to adapt the steps you will learn to different types of music. Couples are often surprised they can adapt steps to modern pop rhythms as well as the standard classics.

You keep the same partner for the classes. Sometimes it helps to run through a group of steps with someone who knows it so either Mark or Christine ( the instructors) will replace your partner when required.

You will find that learning to dance is really easy and surprisingly quick. Men are often reluctant to dance at first, this changes when they realise learning to dance is fun and this is something they can do.

Dancing is an aerobic sport and regardless of age you may find the first couple of classes tiring - especially if you stay for the practice sessions.

During the refreshments break you can meet and have a chat with other couples in the class. - and get your breath back.....

During the 8 weeks you will become competent, confident dancer and you will be able to get around the floor in: rhythm foxtrot, quickstep, waltz, jive, cha cha, and rumba.  Sound ambitious? Not at all we have done this for over 25 years and know how to get couples dancing.