It stands to reason a business will benefit from having a website.
Indeed it is widely supported a web presence is key to business growth and survival.


The simplest of websites can do the job, but presenting a professional image is key. Today one-man bands can compete with vast corporate enterprises when it come to getting the message out.
Site impact will determine if visitors click away or stay to explore.

Unlike paper brochures, business cards and printed matter a web presence can always be up-to-date. It can be changed easily and quickly, sometimes at no cost whatsoever.


Diy sites are easily distinguishable as they are often let down by poor graphics. First impressions count, and you only get one chance.
What was your first impression when you entered this site?

Simple sites, simple layouts, good graphics. All you need.


What if I register a domain a domain name and then change my mind?
Don’t be in a rush to register a domain name.
It needs careful consideration: unambiguous, short, meaningful and easy to remember. Preferably with a real connection to what you do

You don´t need a domain name in order to test the usefulness of a web presence. Shroton Ukulele Club is a site primarily for the members. They needed a site to allow members to keep up to date with gigs coming up and to access the 100 or so music files.

They do not have a domain name. But they can be found quite easily by typing the club name into Google. They can be found if you search for ukulele clubs in Dorset. This site is provided and hosted free on the Turbolink server.

There is no rush.....
In time you might settle on a domain name or maybe two different ones.
You can register an unlimited number of domain names. They could all point to the same location if it suits you.

Retain control - register your name
Always register a domain name yourself . It is really easy to do.
Avoid companies that say they will register it for you.

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