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  1. See You Later, Alligator
  2. The Unicorn Song

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Our 4th Anniversary Celebration



Each month we will profile one of our members by posing them them a series of set questions.

This month it is our very own Martyn Thornington

Question : Where were you born
My passport states I was born in Margate; in fact it was in a Nursing Home in Tankerton, Kent but the birth was registered in Margate. So I am technically a Man of Kent.

Question : What other interest do you have
Far too many to list; however my current activity revolves around my small retirement business of making Hand-Crafted Ukuleles from local English Hardwoods. It operates as MT Dorset Ukulele, with my Website being found at I also have held flying licenses from Canada, UK, EASA and a microlight permit from the United Arab Emirates where I worked for 10 years. I learned to fly in Canada many years ago when I first started to work there. Lots of airspace & few hills to fly into on the Prairies! I am also a bit of a petrol-head; I rode a big motorcycle for years

Question: Are there any more musicians in the family?
My late father played the violin and viola at a professional level but although I was sent for lessons I never got along with the teacher I had. I had an Aunt on my mothers side who taught piano all her life. My daughter & son both play the piano to upper-grade standard, and I taught myself to play guitar, and cherished my 12-string for years. This is probably why I like playing my own hand-made 8-string Ukulele!

Question : Do you play any other instruments ?
Not any more

Question : What attracted you to the ukulele:?
After I retired I was looking for something new as a challenge & was attracted by Robin Walter’s notice in the Shaftesbury Arts Centre for the Shaftesbury Ukulele Band practices on Tuesday evening. He made me immediately welcome & I discovered a new passion. My first evening at the SAC I was befriended by a most courteous gentleman, also waiting to start playing; you all know him as Mike Cridge. Ukulele playing is like a huge social club

Question : What`s your favourite style of music ?
I like all music (well almost all) but have an affinity for Folk and Jazz. I like material that has a message & have become a devotee of Eric Bogle who has a large repertoire of anti-war songs. Good Stuff.

Question : What`s your favourite song/instrumental:
The Shroton Ukulele Club song-list includes some swing and jazzy numbers; Sway, Is you is or is you ain’t my baby & The Streets of London would be high on my preferred list.

What further ambitions do you have?

Question : If you could take just one item on a desert island what would it be?
A solar powered satellite radio!