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New songs added to the song sheet listings:.

  1. Blueberry Hill
  2. Daisy Daisy
  3. I love you because
  4. Lets fall in love
  5. Thats Amore
  6. The banks of the Ohio
  7. There is a tavern in the town

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February 2017- Presentation

The Shroton Ukulele Club gathered to present Roger Morgan, of the Dorset and Somerset Air Ambulance, with a cheque for £500. The Ukes had raised the money from last year's concerts in care homes around North Dorset. Roger said a few words in appreciation, pointing out how his organisation depends on voluntary contributions like this to carry out their work.

Each month we will profile one of our members by posing them them a series of set questions.

This month it is our very own Christine Stone

Question : Where were you born
In my grandmothers bedroom with her acting as mid-wife accompanied by the sound of the Salvation Army playing carols at the window.

Question : What other interest do you have
I belong to Local Vocals. We sing for fun and busk for charity. Singing makes me happy and is good for the soul. We sing folks songs and modern songs (like the Cha Cha, Sway) and Maori and African songs. I delight at singing Nkosi Sikele iAfrika from memory with hardly a clue what the words mean.

Question: Are there any more musicians in the family?
My father played the harmonica and the piano accordion. He played for free in his local pub by request from keen drinkers. He wasn’t allowed to play at home. He perfected the art of playing whilst holding a small glass filled with golden liquid, more suited to the bagpipes. He didn’t perfect the accordion. My husband taught himself to play the keyboard and progressed to the piano. However he knew he was really born to play the saxophone. He really is good, but doesn’t believe it. He has two saxophones which are lovingly embalmed, lying in state in their velvet lined caskets waiting to be resurrected. I’m sure we could one day live very well on his busking income.

Question : Do you play any other instruments ?
At the age of 50 I asked myself what I would regret not doing and it was to be able to play the piano. So I sat down and taught myself. I can play a little, somethings quite well. It all falls apart if I have to play when someone is listening. Come to think of it, a little golden liquid might help me!

Question : What attracted you to the ukulele:?
Well, I never wanted to play the Ukulele, but it was my friend’s lifelong dream. She bought a Uke one Christmas and hadn’t opened the box at Easter. So I got one to encourage her to play, which had the opposite effect and she very soon sold hers. Not one to waste money, I persevered in the hope it would grow on me. It’s fun and easy to play but the best bit is playing with others Ukers. After a shaky start and getting chucked out of the first group, I happened upon some lovely people who seem to welcome me, if I behave!

Question : What`s your favourite style of music ?
Apart from Salvation Army bands I like Big Band dance music. Classical and all music that rouse my emotions, and make me feel something. (with the exception of certain emotions like depression).

Question : What`s your favourite song/instrumental:
“Music is the source of all gladness, heals thy sadness” Music ever divine source, Aren’t Thou troubled, by Handel. (with the exception of certain music which doesn’t apply to Handel’s).

What further ambitions do you have?
To live long enough to draw my state pension. I came tantalising close twice but I intend to get them back with my longevity and make em pay.

Question : If you could take just one item on a desert island what would it:
A solar power computer so that I can do a weekly supermarket shop for a £5 delivery charge. Now let’s see; tonic and some gin to dilute it, ice cubes, sun lotion, artisan bread, matches and a mirror ...