Piano finish
We can repair cosmetic damage to high gloss finishes usually found on grand pianos. Otherwise known as "wet look" high gloss. This modern finish is not french polish but a two pack polyurethane finish that is machine polished to a mirror finish. Black is the common colour of Grand pianos but sometimes a pure white is used. 

Only localised repairs are possible to parts that cannot be removed from the piano.


Colour co-ordinated.
We will try to match a particular colour of any existing furniture.

Shelving - Doors - Trims - Tables and Chairs - Bookcases - Pianos - Cupboards - Bedside Cabinets - Radiator covers


Kitchen doors
A kitchen can be given a new life by spraying a different colour on the cupboard doors. This is most effective if the doors were of solid construction ie MDF medium density fibre board, this offers a flat smooth stable surface.
Colour changes in a two pack finish are relativity cost effective.

Framed doors
Panelled doors in a natural wood finish can be more problematic as there are inevitably gaps in corner joints.These are best sprayed in a matt finish.