Common damage.
Holes under feet of users feet caused by constant abrasion of the heels. Renforcement with 3 layers of carbon fibre finished with a super gloss finish by compressing the layers.

Cockpit Rims
These can beome detached at the mouth and will need to be re-glassed in.

Damage to the cutwater especialy common on those vessels portaging during events. The Devizes Westminster event can be very hard on a Kayak. 125 miles is gruelling on a crew and a boat.

Holes and breaks
Eventing Kayaks will suffer numerous holes and scrapes which can be rectified effectivly and at low cost.


Ultra violet damage.
Over time UV will cause all materials to lose their original lustre and fade somewhat. We will match the original colour but the rest of the hull may well have to be machine cut and polished to bring back the original colour.

Refurbishment options
If you are an eventer then this is unlikely to be of interest to you as your boat will always suffer damage of some sort.

But for those that use sea Kayaks and non eventers it can be a viable option instead of buying a new boat.

Contact us for more information regarding costs.

Marine craft
Boats can be finished using a wide range of surface finishes. Gel-coat, urethanes, one and two pack polyurethanes and acrylics are most common. If you do not know what paint system was used we can probably tell on inspection and advise you accordingly.

Racing Boats.
Constructed of Carbon Fibre and Kevlar. We have extensive experience (over 16 years) in working with and repairing these types of boats Empacher, Janousek, Aylings, Wintech and Burgashell to name just a few.

Repair + Refurbishment Service
Most Structural repairs including :
broken hulls, large holes, replacement wash boards, most types of minor and major damage, replacement fin boxes, all to any stage of completion requested by the owner.