Advantages of using a professional
Quality products are used throughout.
All repair materials will be compatible.
The repair is carried out to the highest standard.
Out-of-service time is reduced to a minimum.
A professional repair willl help protect to your investment.

Any work undertaken by SprayshopServices is of course guaranteed.

Ultra violet damage.
Over time UV will cause all materials to lose their original lustre and fade somewhat. We will match the original colour but the rest of the paintwork may well have to be machine cut and polished to bring back the original colour. This will be required on older vehicles and flat colours. These often do not have a clear-coat finish applied from new.

Vehicle Bumpers

We can repair minor damage ( splits,cracks and breaks to plastic bumpers by plastic welding. If the bumper is not repairable we can colour match one supplied by you if you wish.

Marine craft
Boats can be finished using a wide range of surface finishes. Gel-coat, urethanes, one and two pack polyurethanes and acrylics are most common. If you do not know what paint system was used we can probably tell on inspection and advise you accordingly.

If your craft is in a boat yard you should check to you are allowed to use outside contractors, as some insist they undertake all work.

Carbon Fibre and Kevlar racing Boats.
We have extensive experience (over 16 years) in working with and repairing these types of boats. Empacher, Janousek, Aylings, Wintech and Burgashell to name just a few.

Repair + Refurbishment Service
Structural repairs including :
broken hulls, large holes, replacement wash boards, most types of minor and major cosmetic damage, replacement fin boxes, all to any stage of completion requested by the owner.

Damaged boats do not always have to go back into the mould for repair.